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Edwina Battle Suit by TerraCybercop Edwina Battle Suit by TerraCybercop

Edwina Battle Suit by TerraCybercop

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Ah, Edwina. That character that followed me around ever since the age of five. She went from a green unnamed hedgehog, to a green weasel, over a red Tails recolor up to this. Suprisingly she is not my fursona and only represents me when my role needs to be a female. I AM a female, but my fursona is surprisingly male. I dunno why, but Rita has often been abused as my fursona when she is just an OC that I treat like a daughter. Watching her being abused is like watching my own children die.

Edwina Robotnik, also known as Project EDWINA or Rita Graes was a failed attempt of Eggman to create the ultimate weapon against the heroes of Mobius, using a organic material he had invented. Edwina's purpose was to look perfectly innocent. Eggman wanted her to be taken to the heroes' hideouts, so she would backstab and kill them before infiltrating the Council, taking it's place and forcing the Mobians to surrender to him. For a reason, Eggman had chosen the adorable look of a fennec fox.

Rita is a very strong willed young girl. She dislikes fighting and killing, but doesn't hesistating on letting her anger towards Eggman and Robotnik out when her friends are in trouble. She usually is very kind and she likes to help out wherever she can. She is also very playful.

Edwina likes to peacfully spend her time with Ren. She also loves things like flowers, romantic things as well as dreamcatchers and other mystical items.

Rita hates war. She is willing to fight for it to stop. She also hates to hear from Ren's Ex-girlfriend, Angel.

Edwina was created when Eggman had a brilliant idea to infiltrate Knothole through her and take the town over, forcing it to surrender. He had invented a organic material that he could freely form and program like a computer. When the Freedom Fighters, Sonic and Sally Acorn acompanied by Renegade infiltrated Eggman's Death Egg they soon discovered Edwina.

When Sonic and Ren decided against Sally, who was paranoid of what Edwina could do, they released her, thus cutting off Eggman's creation process, resulting in some of Edwina's programming missing. Eggmans command of infiltrating Knothole incomplete.

Once again deciding against Sally, Edwina was taken to Knothole, now sweetly nicknamed "Rita", since "she isn't Eggman's weapon anymore." as Sonic said and Ren took her in. She learned the ways of being a good person and soon she and Ren got closer together until they finally became a couple.

Rita isn't much of a fighting person as she doesn't know many martial arts, but she can try. With the help of many of Ren's inventions she can fight, but she is quite weak on her own.

Relationship Status
Married to Ren Graes with two children, Nicholas and Vladimir Graes.

Special Abilities / Powers
Rita posesses limited pyrokinesis
She us also able to divine the future in some situations
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ANTI-DARK Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012
Wow this picture is really amazing the color is great and I thought this was a fanart of an actual sonic character your very good you should send your characters to sega. :D
TerraCybercop Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh, I don't want SEGA to remove her personality.
ANTI-DARK Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2012
Im pretty sure sega will put their faith in the fans for once and let them control sonic characters so I wouldnt worry,I mean what do they have to lose,theyve already screwed up Sonic,right?
Sonic808 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She’s cute!
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